James Boswell; the pioneer of the proper racecar, innovator of modern performance, and steward of classic automotive heritage.





At JBC we are driven by our passion for the Datsun chassis
This passion is why we choose to spend our spare time between day jobs and personal lives in the tireless pursuit of better performance.  

We believe that a performance vehicle is a dynamic system where each component must function in unison for the best overall result. With this understanding, we seek to develop a comprehensive suspension system that is purposefully designed with components that not only function together but compliment and improve one another.

We strive to base our designs on data and measurement before aesthetics and convenience. Our designs incorporate proven theories rather than common rules of thumb. We research and test so that our parts give the user great performance as installed, with the ability to fine tune. As opposed to giving excessive adjustability and relying on user setup.

In the end we just hope you enjoy our parts as much as we do.

Happy Racing,