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Version 3 compatible Rack and Pinion/tie rods


Version 3 compatible Rack and Pinion/tie rods

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Version 3 compatible Rack and Pinion/tie rods

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We have decided to no longer carry these parts in stock. This kit was going to include the rack and pinion as well as inner/outer tie-rods for use with the V3 JBC crossmemeber. 
We realized that we could not stock these without passing on more cost to you than we wanted.
Instead it will be more cost effective for you to order these from a supplier.

These parts can be purchased aftermarket from many suppliers. We like to use  https://www.motorsport-tools.com/
Feel free to shop around and build your own kit from the manufacturers of your choice. Don’t forget to by the bushings.

The rack and pinion is sourced from an MK2 Ford Escort (1974-1981). There are many steering ratio's available. The ratios are advertised with steering ratios as installed in an Escort.
In order to know the steering ratio when installed with the JBC steering arms in a 510, multiply the advertised steering ratio by 0.84

Important! we use the rack in backward orientation so, a rack advertised for a RHD Escort will be needed to fit a LHD 510 and visa versa.
The inner tie rods match the MK2 Escort rack and are usually sold pre-installed on the rack units.

The outer tie rods are OEM from a '86-'89 SAAB 900.

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