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Version 1 or 2 trade-in for Version 3


Version 1 or 2 trade-in for Version 3


Version 1 or 2 trade-in for Version 3

from 180.00

Already have a V1 or V2 crossmemeber kit that you haven't installed?

In order to support your project goals, we have decided to set up a trade in program. Take a look at the deal we're offering.
Simply select the items from the drop downs that you will be returning to see the total difference that will need to be paid when trading for a V3 kit. Price displayed at top of description.
It is worth mentioning that the V3 steering geometry is identical to the V2 and the main difference is the availability of new parts to complete install. If your V2 is already installed or if you don't mind the DIY tasks, sticking with the V2 is still a great option.


  • All returned items must be in new uninstalled condition

  • All parts and hardware originally included in the crossmember kit must be present

  • Buyer responsible for shipping and condition upon arrival.

  • Once the returned kit is received and inspected, the new kit will be shipped.

  • Include your order number from this sale with the returned items.

  • Ship to:
    JBC trade
    11727 Center road
    Everett, WA 98204


Returning crossmemeber kit:
Returning motor mounts:
Returning Steering Arms:
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