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The weld-in adjustable LCA kit is a straight forward DIY installation but, please ensure that the welder performing the work is competent and capable. Your safety is important to us.

The LCA kit includes: 
-Steel weld in threaded LCA plugs
-M16x1.5 Teflon lined rod end
-16mm to 14mm high misalignment rod end spacers
-Jam nuts


The plug is designed to fit snug into the tapered opening of a cut stock 510 LCA. The plug is shaped so that the final adjustable lengths of the LCA will be adjustable in the range from stock length to 0.5 inches shorter than stock. If a different range is desire, the plug can be welded offset from the given dimensions but the LCA will require further modification to get a tight fit.

Begin by measuring from the inner edge of the ball joint opening out to 200mm and cut the LCA at that point.


clean off the old paint and corrosion to ensure a good weld. Then Cross drill two 10mm holes for spot welds on each side of the sheet metal as shown.


Now simply tap the plug into the opening until it is fully seated. We recommend bringing each LCA to this point and double checking the overall lengths are equal before welding.


Finally, Fully weld each spot weld as well as the perimeter of the LCA opening. Go slow to avoid over heating and warping or penetrating  the internal threads.


The resulting LCA after a nice finish coat will look similar to shown.


When installing the rod ends, a minimum of 20mm or about 14 threads of engagement is required.